Terms and Conditions: Please Read. A copy of these will be included with your contract.
The Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. dba Alaska Music & Sound
The minimum rental/lease period is three (3) months and begins after payment/approval of the contract. After 3-month minimum, the period terms are month-to-month.
The customer may end this contract only after the minimum three (3) month rental/lease period (unless contract otherwise specified) by returning the instrument in the same condition as the time of initial rental directly to Alaska Music & Sound/The Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. with payments up to date, or if instrument is purchased, paid in full.
The customer is responsible for on-time payments (on or before "Due Date"). No refunds/ reimbursements for payments. Any prepaid amounts will be applied towards future payments. "Worry-Free Rental" option and/or late fees do not credit towards purchase price, should customer wish to eventually buy the instrument being rented/leased. No penalties for early payoff, and customer may purchase instrument at any time. Instruments on a "rental only" contract are not for sale.
Alaska Music & Sound/The Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. will charge the credit/debit card on the front of this contract (or other card as specified by customer) for the "Total Payment Due Each Month" on or before the "Due Date". Customer is responsible for keeping all information current, informing Alaska Music & Sound/The Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. of any changes. If, for any reason, the card on file for payment declines and payment is not received by the monthly "Due Date", the customer will owe an additional $10 late fee, per late month.
Instrument is the sole property of Alaska Music & Sound/The Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. until all payments, including any late fees and/or "Worry-Free Rental" option is paid in full, and accrued credit in the instrument equals "Value of Instrument Rented", at which point ownership transfers to customer (unless contract is "rental only").
If the account is past due beyond 30 days, contract is considered delinquent and the customer becomes liable immediately for the total value of the instrument, including all attorney fees, costs for collection, and any damage to the instrument. Customer agrees that if contract is delinquent, Alaska Music & Sound/The Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. has the customer's permission to retrieve the instrument at the customer's home or the student's school.
"WORRY-FREE RENTAL" OPTION (for most band and string instruments, please choose one):
"YES" Option: If the "Yes, please!" box is initialed by customer and additional fee paid each month, contract includes cost of periodic adjustments, and coverage to repair the instrument to play condition. Not covered: instrument cases, cosmetics, certain parts/components of string instruments (including, but not limited to, strings, bridges, bows, etc.); however, installation and adjustment of these string instrument parts is covered. Additionally, string instruments MUST BE PROPERLY HUMIDIFIED. Please ask! This option becomes null and void if anyone other than an Alaska Music & Sound/Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. employee attempts to service the instrument. If a string instrument is not properly humidified, this option also becomes null and void (please see "String Instrument Agreement" below). In the event of a lost, stolen or destroyed rented/leased instrument, Alaska Music & Sound/The Horn Doctor Music Store, Inc. will forgive 50% of the remaining balance on the contract after all other customer insurance policies have been pursued. This option is in effect only if the contract payments are kept up to date, even if a claim is being processed. "Worry-Free Rental" option payments do not apply toward the purchase of the instrument.

"NO" Option: If the "No, thanks" box is initialed by the customer, contract does not include any coverage for loss, theft or damage. Customer agrees to pay for, and to assume full responsibility for any adjustments, and all damage, loss, or replacement costs from any cause or circumstance to both the instrument and its case.
Regardless of whether or not the "Worry-Free Rental" Option is chosen, all string rental customers MUST HUMIDIFY their instrument. Wood instruments crack when not properly humidified, and no one wants that to happen! Please ask us about humidifying your instrument. Cleaning charges accessed if stickers, tape, etc. are on the returned instrument.

Thank you for reading all the fine print. We appreciate having you as our customer, and wish you happy music making!